Alright, lovelies! (; I hit another massive follower milestone and I have a lot of stuff. Most of them are doubles, and other’s are things that I feel like you guys deserve, or I know people *wink wink* and can always get them again (;


  1. Pride and Prejudice Book Scarf (but it’s custom-made, so I can always request a book/quote to your liking)
  2. Adorable Doctor Who Adipose Plushie
  3. "Vincent and the Doctor" Doctor Who shoes 
  4. Tenth Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver
  5. The Fault in our Stars Necklace 
  6. Harry Potter SIGNEDposter (signed by Rupert, Emma, and Daniel). **This is really valuable, so I’ll only give this away if this reaches at least 10k. I’ll give it to someone who I think deserves it**
  7. Doctor Who- River Song’s Diary
  8. Doctor Who Fez Charm Necklace
  9. Doctor Who Glow-in-the-Dark “Hello Sweetie” Tee (thinkgeek)

Rule’s are the same as last time.

  1. Gotta be following me-at least until the giveaway ends. This giveaway is for my followers and it’d be a shame if I gave it to someone not following me in the first place.
  2. Only reblogs count, you can like it for future reference though
  3. The more reblogs, the better your chances
  4. I ship anywhere
  5. Make sure your askbox is open
  6. Giveaway ends January 15th.
  7. I’ll message the winner and if they don’t reply in 48 hours, I’ll pick someone new.
  8. Again, the signed poster is only if it gets to 10k notes, you can understand why I’m so picky about giving it out. 
  9. And, you can write down some reasons why you think you should win this giveaway and post it and tag me with “ameliagillan”. (: 

That’s all! You know the drill guys.


THIS HIT 10K, so it looks like someone will be getting the poster (:


In honour of Catching Fire coming out soon… 

Ifthis can get to 20k (which I doubt it will) then I’ll giveaway another signed poster. Signed by my queen, Jennifer, and my king, Josh (:

But yiss, keep in mind, this is only if it hits the 20k milestone because honey I’m not giving away 2 signed things so easily :P But yiss, they were indeed signed by their gorgeous, badass hands, so let’s see how far we can go! Rules are the same, you have until January 15th, and you can tag me in a post with reasons why you think you should win in order to increase chances. Other than that, winner is still 100% random (: